BATTERIE SCHARNHORST. 14/HKAR 1265. 4x15cm K18. (Battery transferred to Jersey, August 1944). 


Scharnhorst Plan

Location plan and layout of Batterie Scharnhorst.Scharnhorst-Plan09.jpg (76436 bytes)

Batterie Scharnhorst



Emplacement before work commenced.

Situated in St. Pierre du Bois parish, the surviving gun emplacements and associated structures of Batterie Scharnhorst are almost completely obscured by encroaching undergrowth. The public and historians alike have largely forgotten this once powerful coastal artillery battery.

Gun site before work started



Excavating the emplacement.

Working in partnership with an enthusiastic landowner, Festung Guernsey has cleared the "Schwabenland" emplacement. The first phase entailed excavating the partially filled in gun site, and the two adjoining ammunition bunkers.

Excavating gun pit



Lined trench to ammunition bunker.

Future plans are to link up with the trenches to the next emplacement and associated bunkers of “Brandenberg”. This has great potential for visiting groups to see how an Army Coastal Battery would have been when operational.

Trench to ammunition bunker



Schwabenland ammunition bunker.

Each emplacement has its name cast into the concrete on one of its ammunition bunkers.

"Schwabenland" ammunition bunker



Original wriggly tin revetment.

Original wriggly tin lining to the emplacement revetment has been renewed prior to the eventual replacement of the sandbag protection.

New revetment.

Schwabenland emplacement


Two views of "Schwabenland" emplacement with finished camoflage paint.


Schwabenland emlacement

Excavated defensive position

Excavated defensive positions adjacent to "Brandenburg" emplacement.

Excavated defensive position

Trench from ammunition bunker to Brandenburg emplacement

Trench from single ammunition bunker to "Brandenburg" emplacement and shell designation sign in ammunition bunker.

Shell designation sign in ammunition bunker




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