Visitors and historians should consider the following books and DVD specifically on the fortifications.

 PUBLISHED in February, half of the 2500 copies sold by July

GERMAN TUNNELS of Guernsey, Alderney & Sark.  (Festung Guernsey Archive Book No1).

Complete details of all Bailiwick tunnels, with extensive photographs, plans and drawings. 350 pages. Extensive maps, plans and photos. Now available . £15-95 + postage contact:- or here



FESTUNG ALDERNEY: The German Defences of Alderney.

Using aerial photo-reconnaissance photographs taken by 542 Squadron within days of the German surrender in May 1945, the author has produced a series of line drawings of every battery or infantry strongpoint in Alderney. Each German position is described noting the surviving emplacements. Also included are maps of the minefields, tunnels and underground telephone system together with plans of all the fortress standard bunkers in the island and their distribution. The 196 page large format book is profusely illustrated with 10 maps, more than 50 plans and 250 photographs (90 colour), £17.50 + postage. Available from Festung Guernsey, contact:-




Updated and reprinted CIOS (Jersey) Archive book detailing the structure and work of the OT and Fortress Engineers building programme in all the islands. Well researched with good illustrations. £6-50 + postage. Available from Festung Guernsey, contact:-



Jersey’s GERMAN BUNKERS, Archives Book 9, CIOS (Jersey).

With German Fortifications in Jersey (1975) now being out of print, Archive Book No.9 has been written and published in response to the continued and large number of enquiries, especially from tourists, for such a publication, 170 pages, nearly 100 photographs, 7 bunker plans, 6 line drawings from German sources, and 3 maps. Available from



'Channel Islands Occupied' on DVD...

Filmed on Guernsey & Alderney, using the only German newsreel footage shot during the occupation and listening to those islanders who survived German rule, this remarkable story in Brian Matthews' highly acclaimed TV documentary, now available on DVD! For the Bunker & Fortifications enthusiasts, this double-feature DVD also offers a 40 minute bonus: "Stars on the Landscape", produced by David Williams with the assistance of Jersey's CI Occupation Society, is a terrific 'behind the scenes' look at some of the finest German Fortifications of Hitler's Atlantic Wall, all sympathetically restored by Jersey volunteers - a cracking film!!

World Play (all regions) DVD. Duration: 90 mins. Price : UK £16.95 (inc UK p & p) Overseas £17.95 Available from good Channel Islands stockists or by mail-order direct from: Tomahawk Films  PO Box 279 Winchester  Hampshire SO21 1XT



New release in the Channel Islands of feature-length documentary on DVD-Video about the fortifications of Alderney, first of a series called Battleship Islands. 

16/07/2012 - Alberto Tabone has today released a feature-length, presenter-led authored documentary about the fortifications of Alderney in a Limited First Edition in English only, called Battleship Islands - Alderney. The first episode of a series, it is also the first documentary to be made solely about the fortifications of this Island and on DVD. Produced in about a year with extensive research on the subject, it features contributions from local experts and a populist approach to appeal to both military buffs and the general public. The DVD is released initially only to selected outlets in the Channel Islands, with a possible multi-language International version in 2013. A supporting website is also active now at with future updates. 

The documentary is 87 minutes long and encompasses all the main historical and technical aspects of fortifications in Alderney, which was a fortified base for the British fleet in Victorian times and occupied by the German army during WWII for longer than anywhere else. It was a crucial part of the Atlantic Wall and became its most densely defended stretch, with a dark and often unknown side to its fortifications.

It features explorations inside and outside the fortifications, detailed explanations with the aid of local experts and animations, plus relevant archive footage and pictures, for a narrative that will intrigue viewers and add unexpected interest to bunkers and forts, with engaging photography to illustrate the Island’s natural beauty.

The documentary is aimed mainly at those who are not familiar with Alderney or with fortifications, and generally at those interested in military history, and it is entirely the effort of Alberto Tabone who researched, wrote, produced, presented and funded the title as a tribute to the historical heritage of Alderney. The DVD also features an interactive map and allows access to additional sequences and content, available exclusively to purchasers of the DVD, on the series’ website. It is a limited batch with no certainty of future reprints.

Other Occupation publications available from: (Rare and out of print)

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