Wn. Konigsmullen, Grantez Mill


Grantez Site Plan

Situated on the high ground above Kings Mills lies an 8cm mortar battery the Germans named Wn. Konigsmullen. Weapons listed for the battery consisted of 2 x 5cm fortress mortars, 3 x 8cm mortars, 2 x Heavy MG and a defensive flamethrower.

Site Plan



Personnel Wn.Konigsmuhlen.

The position was tasked with laying down fire on Vazon bay and the area inland in the event of an enemy attack.

Personnel Shelter



5cm tobruk

For many years one personnel shelter and 5cm mortar tobruk had been accessible. Now, following negotiations with the Catel Constables and several landowners, it has been possible to excavate the second 5cm tobruk, an MG tobruk, small shelter/observation post and a second personnel shelter.

5cm Tobruk



5cm mortar

Working with the Community Service over the course of several months, vast quantities of soil, debris and rubbish have been removed from the various structures, and fencing erected to make the areas safe. Visitors are now able to view all the German positions on this site.

8cm mortar




MG tobruk



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