Flak Batterie Dolmen (L'Ancresse Common).




Batterie Plan

Plan of Flak Batteries from the Festung Guernsey book.

Detail of Ankerbucht plan.



There were six 8.8cm flak batteries emplaced on Guernsey, but by May 1945 only two had been completed with permanent constructions. Batt. Rabenstein on the south coast and Batt. Dolmen in the north. This is the most accessible, as Rabenstein is in multiple ownership and some structures are now built over.


Plan of the Command Bunker (L403)

 Clearing the entrance during the Danish working week

Medical information murals on the walls



With this in mind, and given that there are some interesting medical inscriptions in the Dolmen command bunker this was chosen for excavation and conservation. In August 2012 and group of Danish volunteers joined Festung Guernsey for the initial opening and landscaping of the entrances.

Work has since proceeded with cleaning the interior, fitting timber over the floor ducts, installing permanent lighting and generator. More recently, with the aid of the Probation Service the large roof emplacement has now been cleared.



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