2cm FLAK BUNKER (Type F1242) Batterie Mirus.

Mirus 2cm Flak.

Festung Guernsey has now leased the best preserved of the naval flak bunkers of Batterie Mirus. The emplacement inaccessible for many years was known to be one of the most original and untouched bunkers  on the island. 

2cm Flak bunker after clearance of undergrowth.


Steps to flak mounting.

Many unique features have been discovered both internally and around the grounds of the structure.

Steps to flak position and bunker below.


Flak emplacement.

The emplacement on the roof mounted a 2cm Flak 29 Oerlikon. Its location has extensive views over the west coast.

Flak position.


2cm Flak-inside

The lower floor provided protection for the crew and storage for the ammunition. Although the interior has remained fairly untouched, the wooden panelling and floorboards have suffered from dry rot. Plans at present are limited to preserving the timber and fittings that remain.

Stencils and shelving.


Bottles of water

Bottles containing drinking water for duty troops still on the shelf in the entrance.

Original drinking water bottles.


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