MP 3 Plan

All artillery batteries had their guns mounted in open emplacements so that they could fire over the Island at targets out of sight of the gunners. To overcome this problem a series of multi-storey Marinepeilstanded und Messstellen (Naval direction and range-finding positions) known as MP towers were planned ready for the proposed Naval batteries, each observation level would provide information for one of the batteries.

Tower Plan




 This tower was built in 1942, the navy using the top three levels for their batteries. The two lower levels were taken over by the army for their two batteries of 22cm guns.

Approach to tower



Crew Room

The adjoining personnel shelter was built in 1943, probably for the Army crew - a date is scratched into the concrete of the NCO's room window sill - 13-7-43.

Crew room



Optical Equipment

After the war all doors and internal fittings were removed for scrap and the tower left open to the elements for many years. It was acquired by the Occupation Museum in recent years and has been extensively restored and refitted with its optical and communication equipment.

Original optics



Stove & Telephones

Wall mounted bunker telephones provided communications directly with the individual batteries. A solid fuel stove on each level provided warmth.

Stove and telephones



MG Defence

Fortress Telephone Equipment

Festung Map

More photos of  MP3:

MG table for defence

Fortress telephones

'Festung' map of location



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