Wn. Cobofels, Le Guet.


MG & Observation Position

Built on the site of a Napoleonic watch house is Wn.Cobofels. This resistance nest was armed with two heavy and one light machine gun, two 8cm mortars, one Renault FT17 tank turret with French machine gun, one medium and three defensive flamethrowers.

MG & observation post


Plan of MG & Observation Position

The main construction is a large MG & observation post built onto the front of the earlier Napoleonic building. The remaining weapons positions had been lost over the years, and working with both the Culture & Leisure and Environment Departments, we set about clearing and surveying the missing structures.

Plan of MG & observation post


Personnel Shelter.

Both 8cm mortars pits have been located. One is now clear, with the second, located under the main path up to the watch house being left covered for safety reasons. A third circular weapons pit has been completely excavated, but its use is still unclear. It bears a striking resemblance to a British spigot mortar emplacement.

Personnel shelter


Tank Turret Tobruk.

The tank turret tobruk yielded some impressive hand painted firing instructions, and once this had been recorded, it was in-filled leaving just the top few inches visible. After some probing in the area between the mortar pits, a small arch roofed personnel bunker came to light. This discovery was mainly due to information gleaned from war-time aerial photographs of the area.

Tank turret tobruk pit


Unidentified Emplacement.

Our thanks go to both States departments for allowing us to carry out excavations on this site.   

Un-identified position


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Map from Festung book


Cobofels layout


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