4.7cm Pak Casemate, L'Eree.


4.7Pak.jpg (16683 bytes)The bunker was sealed in the late 1980's for safety reasons. A new gate with adequate security has been fitted and the entrance re-landscaped.
Exterior of 4.7cm casemate prior to clearing of undergrowth.


4.7-L'Eree-Shells.JPG (108166 bytes)The lower spent shell room has been pumped out, thus completing the first phase. Finds included spent shell cases, and a couple of dummy rounds.
Shell cases and dummy rounds found in the shell room.


4.7-L'Eree-Firing-Pin.jpg (174660 bytes)The 4.7cm firing pin and part of the breach mechanism were also found buried in the residual sludge. These have now been cleaned and found to be in almost mint condition.
Parts of the 4.7 firing mechanism found in the shell room.


4.7-L'Eree-Interior.jpg (9796 bytes)The interior is being cleared of accumulated rubbish prior to any restoration work and refitting of equipment offered on loan from the German Occupation Museum.

Some of the well preserved graphics in the bunker.



Museum_gun.jpg (51922 bytes)

The German Occupation Museum has a complete 4.7cm gun mounted in a bunker diorama.

4.7cm Pak at the O

ccupation Museum


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